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Our clients

We are privileged to provide research for leading organisations, in a variety of industries. Our clients are household names, nationally or internationally renown, with the common link being a desire for high quality research plus intelligent analysis that answers all key issues.


  • Financial services, including banks, investments managers and pensions providers.
  • Marketing Communications, including public relations, design and ad agencies.
  • FMCG brands, household names found in the supermarket.
  • Other well-known brands, including automotive, technology, galleries and charities.


Please visit our expertise page for a more detailed description of the type of work we do.

Links to online reports, published using our research

Schroders Global Investments Trends Survey 2016 (and since 2013)

An examination of active investors in 28 countries worldwide, each with at least €10,000 (or the equivalent) to invest.


Prudential Class of 2016 (and since 2008)

A yearly study measuring the attitudes and behaviours of UK adults retiring in the upcoming year.


Standard Life Ireland - Quarterly Savings & Investments Monitor (since 2008)

Quarterly Survey tracking the financial confidence, behaviours and aspirations of adults in The Republic of Ireland.


SCM Direct Generation Pause 2014

Examining the financial provision for key life events, made by UK adults aged 25-44 years old.


Some of our clients

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