effective market, social & opinion research
effective market, social & opinion research

Market Research Expertise

We supply complete Consumer and B2B market research projects for leading organisations, in a variety of different industries. We have substantial experience of, but are not limited to, research in the following areas:

Financial Services - Savings, Investments and Retirement

Our financial service clients use bespoke surveys, regular trackers and omnibus studies to generate detailed reports, news stories or in strategic decision-making.

  • Attitudes to saving, retirement and finance, including financial confidence and aspirations, investments / savings behaviour and provision for key life-events.
  • Various targets, including investors, retirees, financial advisors, company finance directors or general population in the UK, and in over 30 countries worldwide.
  • Our clients provide a range of financial services, including high-street banks, investment management companies and pension fund providers.

Marketing Communications - Public Relations, Advertising

Working closely with marketing communications agencies, our research delivers reliable statistics, used in news stories and ad claims, or to test campaign effectiveness.

  • We develop surveys that deliver unbiased, credible, results that stand up to scrutiny, starting from initial, fundamental story ideas or almost finished questions.
  • Review of all published articles, including press releases, that use our research, to check that the statistics used are appropriately and accurately represented.
  • Research Directors will be available to answer any queries throughout the project, including answering journalists' questions directly, if required.

Brand Equity - Brand Health, Competitive Mapping, User Profiling

Our brand evaluation research covers a range of industries, from FMCG to technology providers or service organisations, each facing a distinct set of challenges.

  • Perceptual mapping evaluates a brand's strengths and weaknesses in a competitive context, as perceived by consumers. Presented in a comprehensive visual format.
  • Profiling brand customers and also identifying potential consumers, to aid targeting - segmenting a market using consumer demographics, behaviours and attitudes.
  • Recommendations to improve brand value and creating a continued advantage over competitors, by measuring changes in consumer perceptions over time.

NPD - Product/Concept Development, Sales Volume Forecasting

Working with FMCG brand owners and design agencies, we develop research that tests all aspects of product innovation, from concept evaluation to refining finished products.

  • Clear direction for concept/product development, we adapt our approach depending on the product innovation stageor creative process stage of communciations/ads.
  • We draw on years of experience using proven techniques to optimise product features, including names, pricing, packaging, positioning and promotional messages.
  • Sales forecasting techniques are an optional inclusion for product tests, used to model the first two years of sales and ultimately refine launch decisions.

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