effective market, social & opinion research
effective market, social & opinion research

How we do it

Depending on the marketing or strategic objectives, we will devise an effective research program that answers all the key issues in full, with specific consideration of:


  • Sample - from nationally representative to a very targeted group.
  • Type of research - quantitative or qualitative research (or a mix of both).
  • Data collection method - online, telephone or face-to-face.
  • Optimised - within budgetary and timing constraints.


We work closely with a variety of field agencies and select one that we feel will be most effective at recruiting the required sample, within the project timeframe and in the most cost-efficient way. Our attention to quality and our flexible approach, means we deliver comprehensive results, with clearly communicated findings, allowing you to make effective marketing and business decisions.


Quantitative Research

Our research provides non-biased, accurate numerical answers, based on robust, representative samples and our extensive insight experience includes use of advanced analytical techniques, to make definitive recommendations. 


Qualitative Research

We'll advise on using focus groups, depth interviews, one-on-one interviews or a combination of techniques. Concept development, ad testing, opinions - any research that needs to measure more emotive responses and answer 'why?'.

Mystery Shopping

Posing as the customers of a service, our senior researchers provide detailed feedback from their own experiences and can investigate very specific issues, making results invaluable in resolving critical concerns a business might have.



Online Surveys

All questions are phrased in the most appropriate way for respondents to self-complete online, avoiding confusion. Cost-effective and with a fast turn around, it is highly confidential, allowing us to research sensitive topics and receive more sincere answers.



Telephone Interviewing

We usually advise using this method to research highly targeted samples, like managers at a specific level of seniority or within a specific industry. It usually takes slightly longer than an online survey but allows for more detail and conversational feedback.



Face-to-face Interviews

Whether quantitative or qualitative research (or usually a mix of both), we often use this method of data collection for location-specific research or when testing ideas that require explaning in detail. There's greater flexibility, allowing detailed probing of responses.



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