effective market, social & opinion research
effective market, social & opinion research

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Measuring how a product or service is perceived by its consumers should be the cornerstone of any marketing strategy, in order to position a brand for optimum success. To help achieve this, our research will deliver the comprehensive views of your target audience, whilst staying on top of social trends, cultural or political influences and technological developments, tracking their effects on consumers or business leaders.


Not only is our research fundamental in designing effective marketing solutions, it also ensures a brand gets noticed by providing it with the ability to create compelling articles, news stories or reports, finely tuned to capture the attention of the target audience.

Bespoke Projects

After discussing your strategic goals, we will design and implement a flexible research study that answers specific questions, using the optimum method.



Regular Omnibus

We run regular omnibus surveys for UK consumers and UK business decision-makers, ensuring representative samples, costed per question.

Tracking Studies

Regular surveys run on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis, allowing trends or differences in perceptions, attitudes and behaviour to be identified over time. 



Consumer Research

We ensure that a representative sample of the appropriate consumers are recruited and surveyed, whilst also considering any potential customers.

B2B Research

We make sure the right people in the right organisations are surveyed; we can target various business decision-makers, depending on the objectives.



Employee Research

Measuring employees' views, maintaining respondent confidentiality and guaranteeing results accurately reflect the company as a whole.



Targeted Samples

Any select or targeted group; for example, investors, retirees, brand buyers, young parents, children, office workers or a variety of decision-makers.



National Representative

We provide results that represent the overall views of the country being researched, by recruiting to quotas based on gender, age and region.



International Projects

We have researched people in over 30 countries, in 6 different continents, so are highly experienced in the cultural challenges of multi-country studies. 



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